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NUE.Life therapies provide solutions for brain health, cognitive longevity and treatment of depression, anxiety, bipolar and post traumatic stress disorder.

+ New connections between neurons+ Improved neuroplasticity incorporates emerging digital and medicinal technologies to drive better patient outcomes.

+ Interruption of negative thought patterns+ Sustainable, long term improvements in mental health therapies providetreatment for

NUE.Life provides effective, alternative healing therapies to help you manage your mental health in the comfort of your own home.

Research shows us a mental reset is possible

NUE.Life provides an alternative to expensive IV ketamine infusion therapy with our clinical at-home oral program. Effective for managing depression, anxiety, bipolar and post traumatic stress disorder.

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The fastest acting antidepressant relief clinically available.

A sustainable plan to help individuals continue moving towards mental wellness.

Access to our exclusive KetaCounselor Directory and community of licensed providers.

Continually providing a database of scientific knowledge to educate our community.

Compassionate support from our team along the way.

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Chronic stress weakens neural connections in the brain over time. Depression actually decreases the number of synapses in the brain. Ketamine works directly to restore these connections. It binds to the NMDA receptor and releases a glutamate surge. This in turn releases growth factors, like BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), which help make new synaptic connections and pave healthier thought patterns in the brain.



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Emerging clinical studies have shown that mental wellness is more complex than you might think— it’s a reflection of your health in three key areas - mind, body and lifestyle. By exploring these areas and getting to know you we can find the root causes of your symptoms.

Request early access proven safe, effective and affordable


Everyone has their own unique relationship with ketamine. It can depend on the intention set prior to the experience. Having the correct mindset and setting are just as important. However, these experiences can range from mildly relaxing to feelings of deep meditation all the way to a blissful lucid dream. You can gain valuable insights, see vibrant imagery and you can even have very spiritual experiences. The experience typically lasts about 2 hours on average.

Nue Life offers three different programs to best fit your needs. You will receive compassionate support from a dedicated clinician, client success team and other experts in mental wellness dedicated to your growth, all from the comfort of your home. If you think you’re ready for this type of treatment, we are ready to provide you a nue.solution.

Our dose-discovery process ensures we quickly and accurately find the right dose for you. We collect real patient data to drive evidenced-based starting dose ranges – factoring in your comfort or anxiety with starting the journey. We pay attention to your experience with previous ketamine infusions or other psychedelic experiences. We also make sure to take note of any medication interactions (which is very rare) and any medical issues you may have. Our dose ranges from 2.0 to 7.0 mg/kg body weight, and your medical team will help you find the ideal place to start.

By understanding how ketamine works, you can better understand the breakthroughs that await you. The most significant effect has to do with specific receptors in the brain. Ketamine binds to the NMDA receptors in your brain.

By binding to these receptors, ketamine increases the amount of the neurotransmitter Glutamate, allowing your neurons to communicate with each other on new pathways Ketamine can also work to help the various parts of your brain communicate with one another. It may reduce signals involved in the swelling of the brain, which has been linked to certain mood disorders.

Essentially, it works to increase your brain’s neuroplasticity, weaken the hold harmful pathways have on your brain and create the opportunity for new and healthier pathways to form. That’s the power of ketamine.

The impact of ketamine is unique to every individual. Some patients see long-term improvements after just one dose, while others require multiple doses over an extended period of time. Nue Life believes in an integrative approach that monitors all facets of your health, both physical and mental. While our longest ketamine program is three months, our team is always ready in the event you require additional support.

Interactions with ketamine are very rare. There is a very short list of medications that will counteract ketamine, however SSRIs and Benzodiazepines are not on that list. Many of our clients are taking their anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications while going through treatment.

Nue Life has worked closely with a 503a compounding pharmacy to develop a sublingual formulation that maximizes absorption and improves the bioavailability of ketamine. Depending on your state we work with the following pharmacies.

Texas and Florida
ApothiCare360 Pharmacy
6331 Orion Dr. #112
Fort Myers, FL 33912
Phone 239.690.7700

Valor Compounding Pharmacy
2461 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704
Phone 855.554.2889

If you’d like to know the specific pharmacy that will be used to fill your prescription, ask your clinician during your medical consult or reach out to your Client Success Guide.

This is a very common misconception about ketamine. The truth is, ketamine is absolutely legal, tested to be effective, and safe for you to use at home for your mental health condition as long as it is prescribed by a licensed physician. Ketamine is an FDA approved drug used in the hospital daily. Over the last 50 years, doctors have discovered multiple uses for ketamine in mental health conditions. In fact, the evidence is so strong the American Psychiatric Association put out a statement saying that the antidepressant effects of ketamine are both rapid and robust. A derivative of ketamine, called esketamine, was granted an FDA label for treatment-resistant depression.

We offer many personalized telemedicine care programs at different rates.

Our nue.reset offers one month of ketamine treatments and access to group sessions for $125 per month. offers 3 months of Ketamine treatment, access to group sessions, and 3 nue.passes for $275 per month.

nue.360 (available late December 2021) offers all the services included in the nue.360, with additional support from diagnostic testing to really provide a full picture of your health. This program includes a health coaching implementation program, Gut-Brain Assessment, 86-Point Comprehensive Wellness Panel, additional nue.passes, and a WHOOP device & membership. This program costs $439 per month.

Some side effects related to the experience include a modest increase in heart rate and blood pressure, nausea, dizziness, altered state of consciousness and impaired motor coordination. All these symptoms fade rapidly in a period of 2-4 hours after the session as ketamine is rapidly cleared from your body. Your experiences are spaced safely apart, so the risks of long-term exposure are rare. If you have a history of high blood pressure, our medical team will give you instructions to help you monitor your blood pressure at home during your experience.

Unfortunately, at this time, our services are not covered by insurance.

Nue Life is dedicated to increasing access to those who cannot afford the treatment. Currently, we offer guaranteed financing that can alleviate the financial burden on our patients. To find out more, please connect with one of our Welcome Team members.

Yes, it is perfectly safe for you to go to work the next day. However, please note that it is not recommended to go out for a drive or do anything of high priority on the day off. It is best to take it easy.

We can partner with your mental health provider to come up with a plan that is tailored to you, with the goal of helping you come off medications that are not delivering the results you need. Please know that nue life can not assume responsibility for weaning you off your medications.

Yes, it is perfectly safe for you to go to work the next day. However, please note that it is not recommended to go out for a drive or do anything of high priority on the day of.

The nue life programs are designed to be carried out through our telemedicine platform. All medical appointments, integration sessions, and ketamine treatments are completed from the comfort of your home.

IV infusions take place in a clinic injecting liquid ketamine directly into your bloodstream. Nue Life utilizes oral rapid dissolve tablets that can be taken from the comfort of your home. Our dose discovery process corrects for the variations between individuals’ unique absorption, metabolism and response to ketamine and delivers the same efficacy of intravenous treatments for the majority of patients

We do not. Spravato contains only one molecule of ketamine. We use generic ketamine which contains both molecules contributing to the rapid antidepressant effects.

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I am forever grateful for this group! They have helped me to dig deep for true healing within and in the comfort of my own home. I highly recommend EVERYONE for this experience. Especially with Dr. Hassan, where I can truly trust the process. The team is absolutely great! Thank you!!!!

Marlena M.

Verified Reviewer

Had a great experience working with this company. Very helpful throughout the entire process, great staff, competitive rates, many types of treatment. Would highly recommend it if you are looking into ketamine treatments!

Justin V.

Verified Reviewer

Dr. Hassan is a unique and kind-hearted physician that understands the complexities of treating chronic conditions. Would recommend it to all friends and family.

Ethan T.

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